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Apparel Search sewing machine Home Sewing PatternsWelcome to the Home Sewing Patterns website.  The goal of this website is to assist the home sewing community with learning about patterns used for sewing.  From this site you will learn about sewing with patterns and where to find sewing patterns for your home sewing projects.  The purpose of this site is not really intended for the apparel industry.  However, members of the fashion industry may actually find the information helpful.  Therefore, home sewers as well as professional sewing companies are welcome to utilize this sewing website.

Home Sewing : Do you know what "home sewing" means?  Well, it is actually exactly what it sounds like.  Home sewing is simply the act of sewing at home.  Actually, you can be at your home, someone else's home, at a class, at a sewing seminar, etc.  Basically, it is a term for people that sew as a craft and not be their actual profession.  Yes, home sewers can also sew for their career.  What I meant was that home sewers would be typically a different classification that people that sew professionally in a sewing factory.  Learn more about home sewing.

Home Sewing Group : The home sewing community is a rather large one.  Some people will sew purely for enjoyment and others may sew out of necessity.  For example when a button pops off your blouse or when your son or daughter has torn their jeans.  Either way, if you are not sure where to turn for sewing advice, you may want to join a sewing discussion group.  If you are interested, you can check out the home sewing group on the Fashion Industry Network.
Sewing Patterns : sewing patterns are used similar to cookie cutters to allow sewers to cut the fabric into proper shapes and sizes.  Learn more about sewing pattern resources.
Sewing Needles if you are planning a sewing project, we strongly suggest that you have extra sewing needles on hand.  You do not want to start a sewing adventure and then have a needle break on you with no back up stock.  It would not be the end of the world, but it is a good idea to have extra sewing supplies on hand before starting your project.  Learn more about sewing needles from the sewing needles definition
Sewing Machines unless you wish to sew an entire garment by hand, you may want to investigate various sewing machine options.  Sure, it would be great to sew by hand.  However, if you would like to be more efficient with your time, you would be better served with a sewing machine.  It is important to find a good home sewing machine that will meet your specific sewing needs.
Sewing Thread : Sewing thread is obviously a critical component to any home sewers tool box.  After you have your design concepts developed and you have your sewing patterns finalized, you may eventually get to the fun part of sewing your clothing of fashion accessories.  When this wonderful time comes, you will most likely need to use sewing thread.  If you are purchase in large quantities, you may want to research the possibility of purchasing sewing thread directly from thread wholesalers (try the wholesale trim suppliers) or better yet directly from sewing thread factories.  However, you would really have to be buying in very large quantities to purchase from a thread wholesale distributor or directly from a sewing thread factory.  For your home sewing needs, you will most likely have to purchase from sewing thread retail stores.  You can search from them online.  If you are interested, know is a good time to learn more about thread.
Sewing sewing can be done out of necessity, as a craft, as a hobby, or as a career path. Either way, if you plan to do some sewing, you should try to learn to do it properly and more importantly try to have fun doing it.  Learn more about sewing.
Fabric : Fabric Stores - Fabric Wholesalers - Fabric Mills : If you live in the United States, you can actually search for fabric stores by state if you think that will help you.
Clothing Trimming : If you are planning to sew clothing, you may need trim such as zippers, buttons, bows, toggles, snaps, etc.   We are not really certain of the source of the term "notions".  However, many people in the garment industry reference trim / components such as buttons and zippers as notions.
If you give up on the concept of home sewing, but you still want custom clothing sewn, you may want to consult with a tailor, seamstress or a sewing factory.

We hope that you find this home sewing patterns website to be of help to you.

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Learn more about sewing from the Home Sewing Patterns website.

If you are not only a home sewer, you may actually work in the apparel industry.  If that is the case, you are welcome to join in the discussions regarding sewing at the fashion industry network.

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